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About pre-fabricated Houses

Sometimes referred to as panelized or modular homes, a prefabricated house or home is a dwelling that is created in sections or modules within a factory, and then assembled on site. Prefabricated homes are often less expensive to construct than traditional homes, while still providing a solid structure that will hold up for decades. This form of prefab construction has become increasingly popular since the beginning of the 21st century, and is likely to become even more popular over the next couple of decades.

Prefabricated homes are often constructed using assembly line methods that make use of a set of basic blueprints. A single room usually constitutes one module, and is fully assembled on the plant floor. The modules are then transported to the building site and put into place with the use of cranes and other heavy equipment. Once in place, the modules are joined with the use of screws and glues to seal the joints of the edifice. As a last touch, the wiring and plumbing are put into place and any decorative accents such as chair railing, wallpaper, or molding is added to the rooms.

The Advantages

One of the advantages of prefabricated homes are the lower costs of construction. The modules are usually mass-produced, making it possible for homeowners to choose a house design. The order for the modules are placed, and the individual sections are lined up and connected as they arrive at the building site. This process saves a great deal of cost in terms of labour as well as materials, since manufacturers can take steps to make the most efficient use of the building supplies. The amount of time it takes to complete prefabricated homes is also a great benefit to many homeowners. Even allowing for the amount of time that it takes to construct the modules, it is still possible to go from an empty lot to a fully functional home in as little as three months. This is in contrast to many situations where building a home using traditional methods could take anywhere from six months to a year before the house is ready for occupancy.

In terms of strength,  some claim that prefabricated homes are even stronger than houses built using traditional methods. The reason for the added strength is usually contributed to the fact that the modules are connected using screws rather than nails, and that the screws are augmented with the use of industrial strength glues.


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Below are light weight prefabricated luxury housing units that are easily assembledand can be built on any type of land plot terrain situation.

These luxury units contain:
Open plan- living, dining and kitchen.
Nice agreeable size Walk-in Pantry’s,
Guest toilets and Laundry rooms,
Bedrooms with nice size agreeable walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms which contain shower, toilet and washbasin.
Nice roof overhang for terraces.
(Terrace will depend on the client’s wishes and requests, and base slab structure.)

All unit room size areas confirm to tourism standards, such as the bathrooms at 6sq m+ and bedrooms 16sq m+.

These Luxury House units are small in sq. meter-age, but large in interior area, and gives the owner great comfort in the design of these spacious units.
They have been design for the Seychellois creole life style with nice size terrace areas for this tropical exterior living and low maintenance.

The life-span of these units is around 50 years, to be confirmed by manufacturer.

All we need is a concrete foundation slab or floor base structure of the plan size of the units with suitable road access to each block with the necessary services on site.
These services consist of:
1- Septic waste and other water waste evacuation,
2- Fresh water to meter.
3- Other services like telephone, electricity and any network cabling that may be required.

All trunking should be inlayed in the base concrete slab or other base structure.
These concrete slab or other type structure sizes, would depend on the land formation and the client’s preference or requests.

The main wall and roof structure is built up from galvanised light steel framing and is insulated for cooling the house,
The Interior of the frame is covered with painted drywall plasterboard and plywood flooring.
The Exterior frame is covered with house-wrap insulation and Pre-painted metal embossed PU sandwich panel cladding.
All door and window frames are made of pre-painted aluminium.
All wood boarding and building components are termite treated, free of methanol and asbestos and the wall cladding is treated with fire retardant.

Unit Price average SRS 8000.00 per square metre for a basic luxury unit.
Optional extras depend on the options and extras available at extra cost.